Our childhood fishing passion, nowadays, turned into a nationwide fishing passion, began our story.

Mavi Marin Su Ürünleri was established in 2011 in Istanbul for the sale and marketing of imported, domestic, fresh and frozen seafood. Its sector in a short time to grow, customers who work to provide better service Mavi Marin Su Ürünleri Turkey and all the world's oceans from the highest quality of fresh and frozen seafood process and packages by Turkey in the facility's compliance with all parts of the food safety conditions. experience has given many years of expertise in the sector and its customers in Turkey and the highest quality products from the best suppliers in the world's fastest and fresh way continues to deliver to its customers

Keeping its wide product range since the first day of its establishment, Mavi Marin Su Ürünleri will continue to grow rapidly by renewing itself in terms of processing and evaluation in the coming periods.


In addition to the wide range of products in the aquaculture industry, it is able to protect the cold chain, which provides reliable food to the domestic and foreign market, which is the priority of human health, without compromising hygiene and food safety, from production to final consumption, and to adapt to the developing technologies and methods in general to meet the demands of seafood products. to provide access to each individual of our country to aquaculture which is an important and healthy natural protein source.


To meet customer demands and expectations at the highest level by continuously improving our products and quality, to become a sought-after brand in the market by keeping an exemplary quality, using the latest technology and using it effectively, giving priority to education and development, and increasing our market share in the domestic and world scale to become a universal brand.